• 12 Step Program

    Marco Polo App: Staying Connected

    If you’re like me sometimes you have a hard time staying connected. As addicts, we tend to isolate and close ourselves off from others. This is often the beginning of the end. We need connection [...]
  • Seeking a Power Greater than ourselves
    12 Step Program

    A Power Greater Than Ourselves…

    My Small Universe—Limited Power “Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” Step 2. The step that almost kept me out of ‘the program’. Myself, just like many of [...]
  • Alcoholism

    Take the first step…

    Just take the first step. That’s the advice that I would give anyone seeking advice for addiction recovery. It’s not easy by any means—no, that first step is often the hardest. Now I’m not talking [...]

The 12 Steps of Recovery