Marco Polo App: Staying Connected

If you’re like me sometimes you have a hard time staying connected. As addicts, we tend to isolate and close ourselves off from others. This is often the beginning of the end. We need connection to stay sober and to stay active in our own recovery and progress in step work. Luckily, smartphones and new apps have made it easier to stay connected in a variety of different ways!

I first heard of this app at the “group after group” when one of my friends was talking about how this new app called Marco Polo was making communication with sponsees’ so much easier. He was able to send video messages of encouragement every morning to each member he was sponsoring, then the each sponsee could then check-in via Marco Polo as well. Of course, good old fashion phone calls were still welcomed and encouraged when needed. Live interaction is often required and helpful in many situations.

Marco Polo can also be used by the group by way of group chats. This could be a great way to keep in touch and connect with the group during the week in between meetings. Just make sure that you have a good handle on who is in the group and who joins the group so as to protect the anonymity of the members of the group.

I’ve been using Marco Polo pretty frequently lately and it definitely has been making it easy to connect with many others in the group. Especially when it comes to members who have crazy work schedules during the day. I just pull out my phone and send them a quick ‘Polo’. I still make phone calls, but it makes it easier to keep in touch with others who are not normally easy to get a hold of on the phone.

Recently, I had a very heartbreaking experience with another member on Marco Polo. I awoke to a new message in my inbox from this member. I pulled up the message and from the first frame and the expression on his face, I knew this was not going to be a happy message. Plus, I received this message at 3:21 a.m. He proceeded to tell me about the suicide of a close friends’ family member who was also an addict. He laid out his whole story. I could see the expressions on his face. I could see when he started crying. I can definitely tell you that I connected more with this member on this ‘Polo’ than I have with almost anyone else on a traditional phone call. It had a HUGE impact on my life.

So the moral of the story is essentially this: stay connected with others no matter what! There’s no excuse NOT to stay connected when there is so much technology and so many resources available to us.

Don’t let addiction take your life when it could easily be prevented by simply reaching out.

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