Take the first step…

Just take the first step. That’s the advice that I would give anyone seeking advice for addiction recovery. It’s not easy by any means—no, that first step is often the hardest.

Now I’m not talking about actually “taking your first step” in the 12 step program. I’m talking about actually attending a meeting. For many, this is a daunting task and just thinking about going to a meeting with a bunch of addicts and sharing your feelings makes them cringe.

I can relate. It is hard. But guess what; ADDICTION is HARD. RECOVERY is HARD. But take that first step. Go to a meeting. Make connections at the meetings. YOU WILL FEEL BETTER. You’ll make friends. You’ll find that there are people just like yourself and they care about you.

For me, when I first went to a 12 Step meeting, I walked in and knew it was for me. This probably isn’t typical. Then I heard that I had to believe in a higher power. “No way!,” I thought. But I kept coming back. “12 steps, 12 months and I’m done,” I thought. Guys in the group have been coming for years. “That’s INSANE!,” I complained. But I just kept going. Meetings are awesome.

Weekly, daily, or even multiple daily meetings may be needed depending on the severity of your addiction. Do whatever works for you! There’s a saying in the program: Everyone’s program is their own. What does that mean? Everyone goes to meetings and works the 12 steps, but everyone has their own path and does things the way that best fits their own needs.

Do what works for you when it comes to you and the 12 step program, but GO TO MEETINGS. Find a local meeting and just start attending. Before you know it, a year will have passed and you won’t know how you could survive without your meetings.

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